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First SSD Website Hosting in Nigeria

So today I will be introducing you to a big new player in the industry, a call them BIG because of the approach and NEW because they just joined the market in Nigeria; one of the major reasons why this hosting is mostly recommended is because they provide developer support, helping you fix issues that are not directly related to hosting and if your website is built on WordPress then you are lucky.


ListedHosting or Listed Hosting is one of the most reliable hosting company in Nigeria at the moment with features that will amaze any serious website designer or developer.

Listed Hosting offers cheap domain names .COM .NET .ORG .COM.NG .NG etc. with the most reliable service.

They offer A solid-state drive (SSD) unlike most other hosting company in Nigeria that offer HDD. Well let me quickly explain what SSD means for some readers who may not be familiar with the technological difference between both.

SSD is well known to enhance performance over traditional hard disk drives (HDD). SSDs have no moving mechanical parts and offer faster access time and low latency. Electromechanical drives, such as HDDs and floppy disks, contain spinning disks and movable heads, making them slower and more prone to malfunction.

Below are some of the key things to consider when choosing an hosting company, of course Listed Hosting happens to have all the needed features and even more and the costing is very good considering the quality of service.

10 Things to consider when choosing a hosting company in Nigeria

  1. Acceptance of Nigeria credit/debits  cards
  2. Acceptance of Naira as the currency on their platform to  avoid additional or hidden fees associated with bank conversion and charges. 
  3. If they offer money bank guarantee within 10 – 15 days or more, this is very important.
  4. Reasonably-priced services
  5. Monthly billing option to try the services for a short term.
  6. Easy domain transfer and forwarding services
  7. Free website and cPanel transfer
  8. Timely customer support (Ensure they have a phone number you can call in addition to Live chat and Ticket system)
  9. Server up-time and speed, you should ensure you get at least 99.90% uptime. 
  10. Wallet feature to pay ahead for services along with manual and automatic renewal features. 

Listed Hosting has all the above 10 most important things to consider when choosing a hosting company in Nigeria and even more as a host  they emphasizes on speed, security and support.

If you are also interested, Listed Hosting also offers an affiliate system to help you earn some more income and they offer a whopping 50% introduction discount on hosting you buy for over 12 months.

Get started with Listed Hosting today by visiting their website at Listed Hosting


All the best.

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